Threshold (Belfast, Northern Ireland, 2022)

The Writer’s Square, Belfast, 2022.

Performace was referring to the history of Belfast. Or more precisely, to its inhabitants.
The place that was chosen for the performance is a square of “peace” in reality, however, the people there are those severely marked by the socio-political history of this city. People living “in between”, often excluded.
Being in this square every day for a few days before the performomance familiarized me with this place but also with the acute stories of the people sitting there. It also tamed me with my own fear of these people.

For the performance I used 3 objects- a board from one of the walls of the room, an old brick found near the nature reserve and 64 chess pawns and ChineseBaoding balls
The performance lasted more than 2 hours. It involved some of the ‘residents’ of the square to interact.

Review by Slavka Sveracova

photos by  Shiro Masuyama , Rainer Pagel