Flower For Mother (Lviv, Ukraine, 2017)

Long duration performance, Laboratory of interdisciplinary practices, Museum Square, Lviv, 2017 (Ukrainian Mother’s Day).

Performance was made on Ukrainian Mother’s Day and at the same time of the day on which, according to Fatima Holly Mary’ prophecy, was supposed to be the day of the end of the world. The performance dealt with the issue of differences in urban communities, where identity is divided among other nationalities, including Polish.The performance took place in the public space opposite Lviv Cathedral and Museum of Religion (renamed from Museum of Atheism) in Lviv.

The place I pointed at was where the statue of Virgin Mary had been for years and then removed. I symbolically filled the void with a black globe.

More photos: https://lvivartlab.com/en/events/majster-klas-bosowska-17-05-13/