Drop out (Poznan, Poland, 2015)

Performance during solo exhibition “Gasping for breath”, Nova Gallery, CK Zamek, Poznan, Poland, 2015

“GASPING FOR BREATH” is a presentation placed “in between”. It’s a hasty catching of breath after an action that has not yet been properly reflected on. It is a deep nervous inhale, before
what is going to happen and what is already imminent, and before what will be one of the most significant steps in life. It is also a moment of respite, to pause, to be stopped, to try to restore balance.
“GASPING FOR BREATH” is a presentation that will summarize and combine the activities of the past performances and place them in an object that will represent absence by its presence.

The performance was part of an exhibition where I presented my installation Swing Zero https://martabosowska.com/swing-0-zero/