Marsz-March-Marsh (Novi Sad, 2018)

March!- Marsh! – March!, performance action, SULUV Gallery and public space – Theatre Square, Novi Sad, Serbia The multicultural nature of the performance consisted in a group of the audience playing the Anthems: Polish and Yugoslavian “Hey, Sloveni”(created on the melodic line of the Dabrowski Mazurka). The audience was divided into 3 groups:Poles singing our anthem, those singing Yugoslavia’s anthem and those who know none of them. When the groups learned the anthems-we went out to the main square of Novy Sad with the helmet of the Armi Yugoslavia-I led the audience singing the anthems. The group grew by passersby. The activity and video were created with the support and patronage of the Ministry of Culture of Serbia/ IMAF 2018

20th International Multimedial Art Festival – IMAF 2018, „Marsz-March-Marsh“, SULUV Gallery, Novi Sad, Serbia, 08/09/2018