Forbidden Step (Helsinki, Finland, 2018)

Forbidden Step, Performance, long duration approx 3,5 / 4 hour,
State of move, International Performance Art Festival, organised by Eleni Tsitsirikou, Tomasz Szrama and John Court In Helsinki, Kaapelitehdas, Helsinki, Finland, 1.12.2018 Curator: John Court, Tomasz Szrama, Eleni Tsitsirikou Photography: Antti Ahonen

33 unstable dreams of wisdom, temptation, immortality, sin, sexuality, love, eternal youth and fertility,
33 years old
33 kg of overbite apples
1 blue dress
0 fall of man
In my country, in certain circles, „faiths“, which are a mix of pagan rituals, myths and and the Christian religion (Catholicism) is considered 33 years of age – as the „age of Christ“ . After turning 33, husbands are congratulated and celebrated with them for reaching the status of a „real man“; in their prime. On the other hand, women without a husband and children become old maids at 33, condemned perhaps already to loneliness and nakedness, possessing nothing.
The performance was created a month after my 33rd birthday.
The general idea of the performance is to play with symbols that are very stigmatizing for women.

Apples-symbol of the fall of man, sin but also knowledge, fertility, eternal youth-were cherished by me and held in a blue dress. In the Catholic Church, the Christian religion Virgin Mary is identified with the colour blue and is shown most often dressed in blue robes.In the Pre-Slavic pagan beliefs blue is the colour of Chaos, which gave rise to the creation of the world, symbolizing peace, stability and wisdom.
Marta Bosowska, 2019