I am here temporarily (Tel Aviv, Israel, 2015)

Art installation, mix techniques (gypsum, glue, textile)

Tel Aviv, Gallery Miklat מקלט ,2014

I created the work at Tel Aviv’s Central Bus Station, which is the second largest bus station in the world. In reality, ¾ of the station is not in use. People call the station ‘Babel’, number of people who turn the station into their home after dark is huge.

Hanging laundry is actual textiles – stripped, abandoned bed sheets, linen, clothes and blankets at the central station. Fabrics soaked in glue and plaster hang like freshly done laundry. The installation was/is located above one of the main entrances at the west side of the station- where The Miklat Cultural Center and Gallery is located.

Taking pictures of the building is strictly prohibited.