Pedagogical and teaching experiences and curatorial and coordination works experineces



2011 – nowAbakanowicz University of the Arts, Poznan, Poland
Associate Professor, Faculty of Sculpture, Department of Sculpture and Spatial Activity.
Leading a course in 7th Studio of Sculpture and Spatial Activity – Performance open for BA, MA students from each faculty and grade (ie. Stage Design, Sculpture, Intermedia, Painting, Photography).


Project developer, pedagogical supervisor, workshop leader, organizer of the Polish educational block ‘Identity and censorship’, co-author of grant application.
Description: 2 years art educational mobility project for students and lecturers for expansion of the field and exchange in Performance Art Education and documentation of ephemeral art  between performance courses and spatial activity courses at: ENSAV – La Cambre and ESA Le 75 in Brussels (BE), UAP         in Poznan (PL), Burren College of Art (IE), and three festivals: Verão Azul in Lagos (PT), New Performance Biennale Turku in Turku (FI) and (Pas si) Fragile Festival!    in Brussels (BE). International Artists and curators are invited to the project in each city to conduct workshops with students.
Course scope: The project develops over 4 immersive workshops of artistic research and practice. Students will encounter many art works and research         at  the intersection between art and knowledge, develop and create their own performative response. The encounter with plurality of pedagogy and with different cultural criteria activates what Performance Art does best, while              in dynamic response to the context where it is created. The theme of identity makes this coherent, and anchors it in contemporary problematics. These experiences, along with the opportunity to create new work while being supported by a team of experienced artists and teachers, deliver the necessary tools           for student performers to assert real artistic singularities.

2021 – 2024ILLUSION OF FORM About Shaping At Art Universities
Project developer and manager, main coordinator, lead lecturer and workshop leader, initiator of the cooperation, author of the grant application.
Description: IOF is an international art educational research and exchange/mobility program with Faculty of Kunst Music Design at the University of Bergen (NO) and Abakanowicz University of the Arts Poznan (PL).
Scope: Activating and developing new teaching strategies, confrontation and exchange of experiences in the field of different didactic methods, different practices and aesthetics, effectiveness of the adopted assumptions due to their implementation in different cultural and/or socio-economic conditions.
Course: Series of workshops, lectures, seminars and conferences for mixed groups of students, lectures in Poznan and Bergen. Disciplines involved: ceramics, contemporary sculpture, installation, performance art, studio sculpture and laser analogue holography, 3D printing, VR and AR.Fully supported by Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway under the EEA funds.

2019Staff Mobility for Teaching, Erasmus+ in Higher Education, Universitat Politecnica de Valencia (ES)
Programme consisted of holding: two author’s lectures: About art in Poland (history of art after WWII) and modern young art in Poland and Eastern Europe; 2-day workshops – spatial activity, performance art; 2-day cooperated classes with prof. Bartolome Ferrando; monitoring and co-conducting classes at the Faculty Of Art.
Certification: attendance confirmation.

2018 – nowPERFORMANCE ART VERSUS PERFORMATIC (PERFORMANCE STUDIES). Differences in defining a new academic field
Author research  programme focused on observing and analyzing the differences in defining performance art in performance studies and visual artists’ community; Creating a theoretical basis and developing a set of differences and definitions regarding basic interdisciplinary concepts (performance art and performance studies); Conducting research at the following academic centres: Academy of Fine Art    in Riga (LT), Akademie of Bildenden Kunste Munchen (DE), University of the Arts Helsinki (FI), and in centers and institutions such as Creature Art Kaunas, ASA Cologne (DE), Dzyga Art Center Lviv (UA), Polish Institute of Mickiewicz   in Kiev (UA, suspended). The research will be finished with a publication.

2015 – 2018PERFORMANCE AND ITS EDUCATIONAL STRATEGIES. Differences between documenting performance action
Author research programme aimed for analysis of the problem of mutual relationship between an unconventional work of art, such as a performance action, and its record, as well as to explore the possibility of reusing such material in a reconstructed form.The main objective was to develop an analysis of the method of working with documentation of performance actions, which, amongst other things, was        a subject of my doctoral thesis Mnemonic techniques Residue as an independent entity and memory medium in performance and PhD art practice work (exhibition) defended in Jan 2016.  In May 2016, University of the Arts in Poznan published my monograph containing part of my research material, entitled Mnemonic techniques 2009-2016. Residue as an independent entity and memory medium                   in performance. Available here: monograph Marta Bosowska

2013 – 2016EPHEMERAL ART AND ITS EDUCATIONAL STRATEGIES – the borderlands of sculpture , installation and drawing
Research program team member.
Studio/Workshop. Perspective and synthetic educational strategies. The publication was one of the results of the professor’s study containing also chapters from our joint work. Available here: Studio/workshop academic anthology

2020Interdisciplinary Sculpture and Stage Design workshops. Coordinator (together with prof Jurgen Scholtz), supervisor and workshop leader, Hochschule Hannover (DE). International workshop for 40 students from Stage Design and Sculpture Faculties.
2019CONTINUOUS MOVING OBJECTS. Programme author, organizer and coordinator. Sculpture-performative 3-day workshop with John Court, Poznan (PL). Website: John Court | sculpture-performative workshop — UAP Poznań.
2016UNPLUGGED,  lecturer, workshop leader, coordinator.  International workshop for students of the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava (SK), Academy       of Fine Arts in Banja Luke (BA), University of the Arts in Poznan (PL), Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design in Jerusalem (IL), Place: Centre for Polish Sculpture  in Oronsko and the Mazovian Centre for Contemporary Art, Pionki – Radom – Oronsko (PL).
2015PERFORMANCE ART MEETING 2015. Coordinator of a workshop with students from Royal College of Art Londyn (group of Nigel Rolfe) and University of the Arts in Poznan and Labirynt Gallery, Lublin (PL).
2013DUO DAYS WORKSHOP. Coordinator. Workshop with Ruedi Shubert and Monica Gunter for my students during the International Duo Days Festival, Catalyst Gallery, Belfast (UK).
2012PERFORACJE, International Artistic Meetings,  CONtexts, International Art Meeting, Sokołowsko (PL). Programme author, organizer and coordinator. A series of art workshops and lectures led by performance art theoreticians for students. Invited guests – Janusz Bałdyga (PL), Colm Clarke (NI) , prof. Sibylle Omlin (CH), prof. Nigel Rolfe (IE), Ewa Zarzycka, Zbigniew Warpechowski, Alistair MacLennan (UK).
2010 – 2012GROUND Interdisciplinary Media, Performance and Communities, Taidekoulu MAA (Helsinki, FI), University of Arts in Poznan (PL) and MoKS (Estonia) were hosts      of workshops and exchange students. Publication here: academic anthology.


2022KUNST MUSIC DESIGN FACULTY UNIVERSITY IN BERGEN, lecture & art workshop Bergen (NO).
2019VINCENT’S POCKET – The 18th International Creative Anxiety Workshops Poznań (PL), workshop: Passe-partout action (enrollment), LINK.
2018VINCENT’S POCKET – The 18th International Creative Anxiety Workshops Poznań (PL), workshop: Not make-believe art, Page 126-127 of LINK.
2018ÉCOLE NATIONALE SUPÉRIEURE DES ARTS VISUELS DE LA CAMBRE, art workshop, academic lecture Brussels (BE).
2018Per/Forma. Workshop of spatial activity, 2-day art workshop during Museum Night’ 18 in public space, hosted by Porta Poznania (PL).
2017PASSIVE AGGRESSIVE INTERNATIONAL WORKSHOP, Skoki (PL), workshops     and lectures for students from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovakia, Ukraine, Poland.
2017KANEPES CULTURAL CENTRE, GENIUS LOCI Days, 4-day art workshop, lecture, Riga (LV).
2017GASTEIG MÜNCHEN CULTURE CENTRE, artist talk and lecture, Munich (DE).
2016WHAT IS BEHIND THE EPHEMERAL, workshop, Labirynt Gallery, Lublin (PL).
2015BEZALEL ACADEMY OF ARTS AND DESIGN, workshop and academic lecture, Jerusalem (IL).
2014CITY IN FORM, art workshop and lecture at High Art School, Naleczow, (PL), LINK
2012AKCJA 27, FESTIVAL OF YOUNG ART, lecture, Galeria Labirynt, Lublin (PL).


2017 – nowWEJSCIA | WYJSCIA (Entrances | Exits), Gallery CURATOR’LAB, Poznan (PL)Project developer, programme author, curator. 
Cyclic, live presentations by students, graduates and international guests during a problem-based exhibition. Form of the meeting is open to artists, they present intermedia, addressing issues of boundaries, influences and permeation of disciplines such as sculpture, drawing, visual text, video and photography.

2019Emergency Entrance, Museum Night 2019Project developer, curator. 
Works and activities presented are intermedial in nature, addressing issues of boundaries, influences and intermingling of disciplines such as sculpture, drawing, visual text, video, photography.

2017PRESENT PERFORMANCE 4 – RELOCATE International art meetingCurator, coordinator. 
Gdansk State Gallery GGM Galleria. LINK.

2012 – 2015CYCLE OF CHECKPOINT# art meetingAuthor, coordinator. 
Cyclic meetings of intermedia artists organized in different cities and spatial conditions.


2021SCULPTURE IN PROCESS. Sculpture as a medium of space transformation. International scientific conference publication. Academic anthology edited by Marta Bosowska, Janusz Bałdyga, Józef Jaskólski, Published by UAP. The post-conferences publication consists of texts of the participants and guests. ISBN 978-83-66015-93-7. Available here: publication Sculpture in Process

2020Marta Bosowska – Metadidactics B. Chapter in academic anthology, academic article,  ‘But why am I asking this’. Edited by Tomasz Drewicz, Published by UAP. The publication refers to the processes of education at art schools, teaching art and through art. It consists of texts by current lecturers of art schools in Poland, Finland, Slovakia. Monography. ISBN 978 83 6660803. LINK

2019Marta Bosowska – Looking. Academic chapter in Kiwi from PL. Tales from the actions. Edited by Dr Marta Ostajewska, Institute of Polish Culture, University of Warsaw, Publisher: Faculty of Artes Liberales. ISBN 978-83-63636-83-8.

2018Marta Bosowska – Not make believe art. Chapter in A PERFORMANCE // Between Play and Performance publication. Edited by Tadeusz Wieczorek, Publisher: Children Art Center in Poznan, Artistic and Educational Warehouse Association. The project was subsidized by: City of Poznań, Polish Committee of the International Association for Education through Art (InSEA).

2016Mnemonic Techniques 2009-2016. Residue as an independent entity and memory medium in performance. Monograph. Author. Editor: Katarzyna Szulc, Marta Bosowska. ISBN 978-83-65578-21-1. Available here: monograph Marta Bosowska.