Merry-Go-Round (2016)

Art Installation combined with public space intervention.

Merry-go-round is one of special objects from my childhood, it is a “fall object” to me. This particular one I used in my work was located in a factory playground close to where I lived. As a child I fell from it, hurting my head.

Factory where the playground was located, bankrupted just after a change of the political system in Poland. The playground was robbed. I found the carousel 27 years later on the roof of a shed of one of the survived buildings close to my family home. I bought it and transported it to a gallery, where it became a part of my PhD exhibition. As a result of my actions, it was partially destroyed. The object was shown in two other spaces. It was stolen (for the second time in its history) from the yard of one of the galleries, setting off on yet another journey.