Sonar (2009)

Video installations, 2-channel video, wooden object.

The first reason for creating the work, was to revisit and recall the children’s game of letting go of small paper boats on the water, letting go of their thoughts, dreams with them. That is, something that is unreal becomes material.
The idea evolved and changed to thinking about reality – the real HERE and NOW and the undefined, unrecognized. I was puzzled by the transformation of these realities.
The work consists of two films, simultaneously broadcast. The first video shows a group of people building a 6mX1.7mX1.5m paper boat. A drill voice calls for successive numbers to assemble according to strict rules. The room next door we see the second film where the built boat drifts on the river looking for its space. The entire gallery is filled with the sound of sonar.
The films deal with the fact that all the rules, specific principles, mechanical repetition of actions are necessary for us to build something permanent. However, in order to focus on it like an object one has to turn reality – which is what I present in projection two. Inversion increases the reality of objectivity, which begins to work on our imagination. By rotating the image, the object becomes clearer, rather than the context in which it is located. Through inversion, we observe the object itself.
This happens because our perception, habit and sensory impressions are deformed by our expectations. This forces us to concentrate. It is enough to rotate the image to change the emotional attitude, which consists of a certain indistinctness. The situation is not immediately recognizable, because we perceive the object we see as a form that can move anywhere, constantly searching for space.

It was very important at the exhibition that the films were in two open (independent of each other, however) rooms. The viewer could encounter two images and a cacophony of different sounds from the film. It was important that at first the viewer did not know which sound was from which film.

ON Gallery, Poznan, Poland, 2009