‘Eight sentences about Marta Bosowska’ by Tomasz Sikorski

Eight sentences about Marta Bosowska

The mission of reinstalling the memory, which Marta Bosowska turned into her creative strategy in performance art, brings inevitably to mind a shamaness. One of the essential functions of a shamaness in tribal communities was and is to protect and to continue the tradition through the ritual acts of remembering. Shamaness and shaman need the power of belief (now) and memory (past) and imagination (future) and wisdom, which is left untouched by time.

Traditional mnemonic techniques serve as facilitators for remembering. For Marta Bosowska the method of recalling, of bringing out from oblivion is the act of performance. It is an excellent concept for activity in performance art because it can be done in any given place. Amongst the multitude of locations, there are some which are fused with energy, history and meaning. The role of an artist is to find an appropriate place for an appropriate form of a non-verbal articulation of forgotten or hidden messages. Marta Bosowska builds the form faultlessly. It is comprised of: an active person (the author), the awaken (through this activity) genius loci, body movement, gestures, looks, objects, words, sounds, smells, witnesses/participants, the waves of their emotions and the movement of their thoughts and peculiar, ephemeral, unique and in-writable aura of the constellation.